Why just one day?

We are a small team! The choice was either to not accept unsolicited manuscripts or do it like this. Because we want the best writers and illustrators to have the same chance as the well-connected ones, we decided we still wanted unagented authors and illustrators to be able to send us their work. Limiting it to twice a year gives us the chance to properly process and fairly review everything we are sent.

How do I submit?

Email your text or text and illustrations to info@rocketbirdbooks.co.uk on Tuesday 30th November 2021. Please ensure all attachments are under 10MB.


Will I get a response?

You will get an email to say your submission has arrived safely. We will only contact authors and illustrators who we think may have potential so please do not email again to check on your submission.

What should I send? 

Authors should send the complete draft of your text, author-illustrators should send the complete draft of your text, two colour illustrations and the remainder of the book roughed out.

Do you only publish picture books?

Yes - but there's no "only" about it. A picture book can be fiction or non-fiction, for a toddler or a longer more ambitious story. If you are writing a 32-page picture book, your text should be between 400-1000 words, but we will consider other lengths provided the story lends itself to be told through both the text and illustration.